My first Hackathon: El Hackathon

Lopez_Roca_hack-IMG_1405-sm.jpgI’ve traveled to the city of the mouse, Anaheim, to attend the LATISM conference event El Hackathon.

If you’re not familiar with the organization or their twitter hashtag (#LATISM), they are a non-profit founded in 2009 whose “…mission is to empower the Latino community in the areas of Education, Health, Technology and Business through the use of tech innovation and social media.”

I am not just excited to compete in El Hackathon, I am excited to be around a community Latinx’s who are trailblazers in their fields. This hackathon is simply not just a hackathon, it’s an initiative to engage a very underrepresented group in tech. Less than 1% of Latinx’s make up the tech worker demographic and over all less than 3% of Latinx’s are in this industry. 

With these stats, one can see why my corazoncito is jumping for joy at this event. 

Code will be mi vida,  sleep will be obsolete, and making a winning product for the hackathon will the essence of my existence (until Saturday at least).